Canaan-Washademoak Watershed Association

The Canaan-Washademoak watershed is located in the southeastern part of New Brunswick.  It occupies an area of approximately 2163 km2, 73-86% of which is forested. According to Service New Brunswick data, 89% percent of the land parcels in the watershed are privately owned: 6116 of 6872. This represents approximately 42% of the total land base by area.

The watershed is undergoing a socioeconomic transition from a small, family farm and forestry-based community to one composed of a diverse array of people: retirees, public servants, fewer and fewer young people from the area, and more and more people who are "from away." For example, according to the 2001 Statistics Canada Census, over 10% of the people who live in one village in the watershed did not live there a year earlier; and over 40% of the residential population moved into the village between 1996 and 2001. The area has also become, in recent years, increasingly popular to new seasonal and permanent residents.


Who We Are.


The Canaan-Washademoak Watershed Association is a community-based organization formed in 2002 in response to local concerns about perceived changes in water quality, recreational fishing opportunities, and social structure of communities in the area.

Our goals are to protect and enhance the ecological structure and function of the Canaan River, Washademoak Lake, and their tributaries and in so doing, to (re)connect people in the region with these valuable aquatic resources. We work toward these goals through a collaborative, community-based, ecosystem approach to watershed planning and management. Our efforts at constituency building include opportunities to participate in monitoring both biophysical and socioeconomic conditions, stewardship activities, and increasing education and awareness about the state of the watershed.

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